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Anne Arundel Community College

Health and Life Sciences Building


While constructing the new Health and Life Sciences Building at Anne Arundel Community College, Snap-Wall executed a stunning transformation.

Initial and replacement shipments from the sole-specified manufacturer of acoustic fabric wall panels for the project left the craftsmen wrestling with a poor-quality product. The panels were improperly manufactured, they were out of square and they bubbled. Extensive discussions and field visits convinced the project team that the problem could not be corrected by the manufacturer.

Snap-Wall’s expert staff, however, devised a custom solution that exceeded project specifications. Snap-Wall recommended an alternate fabric and liner that would deliver the specified acoustical performance and aesthetics. Installers then reused the original acoustic cores, modified and blocked the panels, and reupholstered them. Installation met the project requirements of tight seams and tolerances of less than one-sixteenth of an inch, and ultimately created a high-performance acoustical product with a beautiful, seamless look.

The project’s general contractor praised the company’s ability to tackle a difficult situation, devise a solution and deliver extraordinary results:

“Snap-Wall had the challenge of fixing the manufacturer’s poor workmanship and meeting critical acoustical performance and specific design parameters. They stood behind their work, cared about the final outcome and the owner’s satisfaction… After a long, frustrating process with the manufacturer, Snap-Wall was able to save the day and delight the customer and design team.”