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The Food Market

Food Market

When it opened in downtown Columbia, Maryland, The Food Market clearly had outstanding qualities – great food, fantastic location and an inviting urban vibe. However, the open layout, exposed ceiling, and ample hard surfaces such as glass walls, metal, and wood, made it difficult to manage noise levels preventing customers from relaxing or conversing in the space.

The existing design and open interior limited the options and locations for acoustical treatments. After studying the space and the noise issues, Snap-Wall developed a custom solution to replace the existing 2x12 wood beam canopy over the dining area with rows of engineered acoustical beams.

Realistic woodgrain printed on the surface of the replacement beams made them nearly indistinguishable from the original canopy. The replacement beams were made from 55% recycled materials and greatly reduced echoes and noise levels in the dining area. Snap-Wall also discreetly added other acoustical material above the bar and worked with The Food Market to set the ambient music to a level that would help the overall acoustics.

Customers initially complained about the difficulty hearing their own table conversations due to the overwhelming levels of background noise. Snap-Wall’s treatments helped tune the room for a sound that is lively and comfortable. Customers can now talk amongst their table without having to yell over neighboring conversations.