Baffles & Clouds

Acoustic Panels for Sound Control
to Eliminate Noise Reverberation

Baffles and clouds are acoustic panels hung from ceilings either vertically as baffles or horizontally as clouds. They promote clear sound interiors by eliminating noise reverberation due to common machinery such as computers, lighting, AC units, and exterior noise such as traffic and construction. Placing these products around HVAC and sprinkler systems, overhead lighting and other ceiling elements, make them ideal for both new construction and retro-fits in commerical and industrial spaces.

The perfect solution for offices, large lobbies, auditoriums, industrial spaces, restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, gyms, museums, movie theatres, religious institutions, classrooms, schools, cafes, bakeries, colleges, universities, airports, hospitals, medical centers, and more.

Ceiling Clouds for Auditoriums

Ceiling Clouds for Auditoriums

Industial Ceiling Baffles

Industrial Ceiling Baffles

Corporate Baffle Solutions

Baffle Corporate Offices

Baffle Acoustic Ceilings Airports, Museums, Lobbies, Malls, Shopping Malls, Gyms, and More

Baffle Ceiling

Cloud Ceiling System in Educational Environments

Cloud Systems

Suspended Ceiling Clouds for Sound Control

Suspended Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds Acoutic Panels

Cloud Ceilings

Ceiling Clouds Color Coordinated

Ceiling Clouds Color Coordinated

Decorative Ceiling Clouds

Decorative Ceiling Clouds