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Achieving great acoustics in modern workspaces has become increasingly challenging. The popularity of open spaces, exposed ceilings and interior glass walls can create noisy offices and limit opportunities for quiet work or confidential conversations. Plenum ceilings and insufficient soundproofing can also exacerbate noise issues.

Snap-Wall can assess those noise issues and calculate the amount of acoustical material required to resolve them. Acoustical products come in seemingly innumerable forms and styles – fabric-wrapped wall and ceiling systems, suspended ceiling clouds, decorative screens, and more. Snap-Wall can identify and expertly install the best products to match the client’s acoustical needs, aesthetics and budget.



Snap-Wall Spotlight


As a global marketing agency, Jellyfish wanted a hip, urban space when it opened a Baltimore office. Its walls of windows, exposed ceilings, open workspace and jewel box meeting rooms, however, left workers contending with elevated noise levels, echoes and little space for private conversations. Snap-Wall installed hanging screens which lowered the noise level and improved privacy.



Located at Harbor Point, Jellyfish’s new 30,000-square-foot space is a gleaming example of a hip, urban office. Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows provide expansive views of Baltimore Harbor. Open interiors stretch through multiple types of workspace, collaborative space and relaxation space. Exposed ceilings create an urban feel and glass-walled meeting rooms keep the space bright and transparent throughout the floorplate.

When employees began settling in, however, they realized the space had noise issues. Sound carried through the open space, reverberated off the hard surfaces and created echoes. Meeting rooms and human resources offices lacked treatments to comfortably conduct meetings and private conversations.

Snap-Wall conducted a site visit to assess the noise issues, verify the construction materials and measure the rooms. We calculated the amount of material that would be needed to lower the reverberation/noise levels in the meeting rooms and HR offices.

Realizing that Jellyfish wanted to preserve its open space design, Snap-Wall proposed adding hanging screens (made from recycled materials) along select glass partitions. Decorative patterns cut through the screens preserved the open aesthetic while also achieving the desired acoustical improvements.