Business Sound Solutions

We offer businesses some of the most innovative interior sound
and design products for walls and ceilings available.

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Get your business noticed! Make your customers want to come back!

We can help you put together the perfect combination of products to solve your
unwanted noise problems and create private areas while creating a pleasing atmosphere.

The images below are a small sample of the types of work we do.

Music Practice Rooms

Music Practice


Hallways / Lobbies

Decorative Wall Prints

Decorative Walls

Business Walls

Business Walls

Ceiling Artwork

Ceiling Clouds

Decorative Ceilings

Decorative Ceilings

Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers

Youth Centers

Youth Centers

Game Rooms

Game Rooms

Large Wall Banners

Large Wall Banners


Pool Ceilings

Above the Door Artwork

Above Door Artwork

Church Sound Proofing and Acoustics

Church Acoustics

Auditorium Sound Proofing and Acoustics

Auditorium Acoustics

Decorative Cafeteria and Museum Walls

Cafeteria Museum

Restuarant Acoustics for Noise Reduction

Restaurant Acoustics

Decorative Wall Acoustic Fabrics

Restaurant / Office

Retail Store Artwork

Retail Store Artwork

Impressive Digital Art Work / Acoustic Panels / Stretched Fabric / Fabric Wall Panels / Sound Diffusers / Sound Absorbers / Acoustic Absorbers

We have the perfect solution for walls, ceilings, offices, lobbies, resorts, cafeterias, cafes, restaurants, bars, lounges, auditoriums, theaters, music halls, sound stage, dining halls, libraries, schools, colleges, universities, churches, libraries, hospitals, hotels, motels, golf centers, gymnasiums, clubhouses, country clubs, fitness centers, health clubs, health centers, weight loss centers, recreation centers, bowling alleys, swim club, ski resorts, businesses, organizations and non-profits.

Amazing Walls and Ceiling Finishes featuring Digital ArtWork and Bold Fabric Panels

The possibilities are unlimited using classic and contemporary art work, corporate logos, and commissioned projects on Acoustic ArtPanels or stretched fabic systems. Create reflective and absorptive ceiling and cloud systems for architectural environments using suspended ceiling panels. Cover large walls and ceilings with digital wall art. We offer a variety of unique systems to create beautiful wall and ceiling finishes. Select from our image library or provide your own graphics.

For digital artwork, just give us a 300-dpi image or choose from a gallery of works by contributing fine artists, photographers
and designers. We can then have the fabric printed in up to 16-foot-wide sections and unlimited lengths which we will then
professionally install on your walls and ceilings per our design plans. Back lighting is available on many of the stretched fabric designs.
Choose from a variety of options such as stretched fabrics, acoustic art panels, handpainted artwork, and more.