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acoustical wall sound solutions

We offer a complete line of glassboard products to providing flexible writing surfaces. Combine this with acoustic felt and glassboards can also address noise control issues.

Our professional design and installation team incorporates the latest products available to resolve your noise issues.

Glassboard will never stain, never ghost, and will last the life of your wall.

Complete Line of Professional Glassboards for Businesses, Colleges, Commercial Properties, Factories, Fitness Industry, Industrial, Institutions, Hospitality, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses of Worship, Offices, Property Management, Rec Centers, Restaurants, Retail, Schools, Universities, Warehouses, and more . . .

Glassboards : Our elegant Glass Boards add contemporary sophistication to your working or learning environment, as well as one of the most versatile, functional platforms for your presentations. The design offers superb optical quality with excellent depth, contrast and light absorption. The silky-smooth glass surfaces never stain or ghost, promising fast, thorough cleanup and the perfect showcase for presentations or brainstorms. Great for businesses, schools, colleges, and universities.

Clarus Glassboards - Promised the most design friendly board ever!
Available in a variety of classic and bright, colorful frames and popular glass colors.

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Glass Whiteboard Highlights

Transforms space with innovative, forward thinking image
Compatible with any dry / wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
Customizable with branding or logo of choice
Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs
Magnetic and custom color options also available
Magnetic Glassboard weight is 4.2 lbs per square foot
Color matching and custom colors available IMAGE
Silk-screened grids, calendars and other custom requests available


Made from the highest quality components, Clarus Glass Whiteboards are made from 1/4-inch tempered safety glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass and lasts the lifespan of your wall. Contrast that with traditional whiteboards, which need to be replaced every few years. Clarus Glass Whiteboards are mounted one-inch from the wall using durable stainless steel standoffs, creating a sense of depth and distinction in the room.

Sizing/Custom Sizing

Glassboards are available in the below standard sizes.

Clarus Glassboard Sizes

Glassboards with technology: The Clarus Interactive Package powered by eBeam, includes a sleek receiver with lightning-fast response time and pixel-perfect precision. It works with the ergonomic eBeam stylus, designed for natural and comfortable writing, drawing and computer navigation. The eBeam LiveWire adaptor with built-in software and memory. Clarus Interactive works with standard projectors, Windows Computers, all Microsoft Office applications, industry-specific software tools and more.

Contact Snap Wall for custom designed and professionally installed glassboards for your business, industrial, or institutional setting.

Clarus Glassboards Platinum Visual Displays


Clarus Frosted Wall Mounted Glassboard Easy to Clean

Clarus White Glassboard

Clarus Glassboards custom colors

Clarus Frosted Wall Mounted Glassboard

Clarus White Glassboard

Clarus Glassboards custom colors

Flip Writing Plus Acoustic Sound Control

All in One Flip Writing Surface plus Acoustic Felt for Sound Control

Rolling and Wall Mount Glassboards 150 custom colors

Glassboards on Wheels Dual Purpose Writing One Side with Acoustic Felt for Noise Control

Flex Wall Glassboards Writing and Acoustic Felt for Sound Control

Glassboards on Wheels, Easy to Clean

Hight Definition Project Surface Glassboards

Glassboard Scheduling Boards Hospitals Emergency Rooms Medical Patient Info

Glassboard Writing Surfaces for Patient Rooms in Hospitals

Clarus Mobile Glassboard: go!

The most design friendly mobile collaborative board ever allows you the freedom to create an original statement by combining a countless number of design styles with this architecturally inspired glassboard.