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From hospitals and physicians’ practices to dentists’ offices, imaging centers and physiotherapy gyms, healthcare facilities must provide acoustics that protect confidential conversations, contain noise in waiting rooms and common areas, dampen the sound of medical equipment and enable health professionals to hear clearly as they deliver care.

Snap-Wall has the knowledge and experience to artfully add products to common spaces and patient rooms that address noise issues and match the building’s aesthetics, and to effectively provide soundproofing in consultation/treatment rooms and around noisy medical equipment.



Snap-Wall Spotlight

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s new, state-of-the-art, 220,000-square-foot center in Baltimore Metropolitan area is designed to provide 24-hour urgent care, a surgical center, services by 30 medical specialties and space to serve 175,000 patients each year. Snap-Wall performed per drawings and specifications to achieve the design and acoustic intent of the center through their expert installation of various products, including fabric panels, soundproofing materials, acoustical wood and a vibrant pattern of architectural felt behind a main reception desk.