Industrial Absorption Systems

Industrial Acoustic Absorbers

Industrial noises can be distracting and hazardous to workers and the community. Communication on a production floor is critical. The best way to control sound in an industrial environment is to enclose it or install special acoustic ceiling tiles designed to absorb sounds in large spaces.

We can help you create barriers and reduce reflective surfaces that minimize how far sounds travel through your plant
or we can professionally install eco-friendly, industrial acoustic ceiling tiles to absorb the noises.

These specially designed acoustic ceiling tiles are durable, strong, sound solutions. They were designed to accomodate large spaces where acoustic control is challenging due existing sprinklers, HVAC and plumbing systems, as well as lighting features. These ceiling tiles can be installed as baffles or clouds and are ideal for tight budgets. They come in three colors: white, black, and grey with a standard thickness of 2" but can be made up to 4" upon special order.

Industrial Acoustic Absorbers can be an effective solution:

Industrial Acoustic Ceiling Tile Industrial Sound Control Large Spaces Warehouses Industrial Sound Control for Warehouses
Factory Noise Control Plant Equipment Sound Absorbers Industrial Plant Factory Equipment Enclosures Outside Sound Control Construction Zones Tunnels Roads Overpasses
Barrier Community Noise Control BBC CO2A Truck Loading Unloading Noise Control Construction Area Noise Control
Acoustic Plant Factory Isolation Enclosures Industrial Sound Control Enclosures Industrial Noise Control Acoustic Walls with Windows