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A visit to any school reveals the constant noise challenges facing educators on a daily basis. K-12 schools and colleges alike must provide suitable acoustics for focused classwork, collaborative activities, band practices, science experiments, tech-ed machinery, gatherings of entire student bodies and quiet conversations with counselors.

Other institutions – courthouses, libraries, seniors centers, government service centers, recreation sites, childcare centers, transportation hubs and more – all require manageable noise levels while serving multitudes of people.

Snap-Wall has produced sound solutions for a full range of institutional clients. Our experience with the full array of acoustical products combined with our expertise in assessing and addressing sound problems enables us to deliver the desired acoustics and aesthetics while meeting the client’s budget and timeline.



Snap-Wall Spotlight

The Valley School

When a childcare center realized its new space had sound problems, Snap-Wall was able to deliver a solution. Neutral-colored, fabric-wrapped panels installed in the classrooms and gymnasium stayed within the school’s budget and visually blended into the background, so they didn’t detract from children's artwork and educational aids. The panels corrected the noise problems and improved the environment for the care and education of small children.



Modeled after a barn, the Valley School’s new childcare center featured high ceilings and bright spaces, but “we were having terrible acoustical issues,” said Hebba Hassanein, Owner. “It was loud and it echoed. It was not a good classroom environment for the children.”

The school’s gymnasium was also noisier than expected, she said. “Naturally, it will be loud if a basketball game is happening. But if you had just two people in the gym talking, you would hear an echo.”

Hassanein was concerned about arranging an effective and affordable solution.

“As a childcare center, we don’t have deep pockets and we are not experts in the fields of construction and acoustics, so most small business owners, like me, have to work hard to find trustworthy contractors,” she said.

Snap-Wall visited the school, assessed the sound issues and developed plans to install acoustical panels in the classrooms and gym which would resolve the noise problems, blend with the interior design and meet Valley School’s budget.