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Complete Line of Professional White Boards and Marker Boards for Businesses, Colleges, Commercial Properties, Factories, Fitness Industry, Industrial, Institutions, Hospitality, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses of Worship, Offices, Property Management, Rec Centers, Restaurants, Residential, Retail, Schools, Universities, Warehouses, and more . . .

Markerboards / Whiteboards: extra large wall mounted for businesses, schools, colleges, and universities to
small hinged models that include a white board in the middle and tack boards on either side that open and close as needed.

Glass Whiteboard Highlights

Transforms space with innovative, forward thinking image

Compatible with any dry / wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.

Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining

Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Customizable with branding or logo of choice

Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs

Magnetic and custom color options also available

Magnetic Glassboard weight is 4.2 lbs per square foot

Color matching and custom colors available IMAGE

Silk-screened grids, calendars and other custom requests available


Made from the highest quality components, Clarus Glass Whiteboards are made from 1/4-inch tempered safety glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass and lasts the lifespan of your wall. Contrast that with traditional whiteboards, which need to be replaced every few years. Clarus Glass Whiteboards are mounted one-inch from the wall using durable stainless steel standoffs, creating a sense of depth and distinction in the room.


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University Lecture Hall Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Classroom Acoustics Conference Rooms


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