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Our Work: Patterson High School


Patterson High School, Baltimore, Maryland
Specialized ceiling panels, acoustic wall panels

At Patterson High School, Snap-Wall customized and installed multiple products to manage sound levels in a corridor and gymnasium and optimize acoustics in the school’s music studio.

While wall panels proved effective in the gymnasium, the corridor required a gridwork of angled panels suspended several feet below the two-story-high ceiling. Snap-Wall coordinated with the project’s general contractor and structural engineer to determine load tolerances of structural steel, decking and concrete as well as appropriate fastening locations for the ceiling panel system. Snap-Wall devised a custom installation system for the panels and coordinated with other trades, such as the fire protection subcontractor, to ensure the panels and all other equipment fit perfectly in the ceiling space.

To optimize acoustics in the music room, Snap-Wall installed barrel-shaped wall panels and a grid of specialized ceiling tiles that were shaped like pyramids.