Residential Sound Solutions
& Decorative Walls and Ceilings

Solutions to your Everyday Noise Problems and Decorative Walls and Ceiling Solutions for Homeowners

Decorative Home Solutions ArtWork Panels, Stretched Fabric Ceiling, Backlit Designs.

Both decorative and functional, we can install wall and ceiling coverings
available in classic, acoustic, translucent, antibacterial, dirt-repellent and water-repellent.

Just give us a 300-dpi image or choose from a gallery of works by contributing fine artists, photographers and designers.
We will have the fabric printed in 16-foot-wide sections and unlimited length and then professionally install
the printed fabric on your walls and ceilings per our design plans. Back lighting is available on most of the designs.

Decorative Wall & Ceilings / Sound Absorbing / Sound Reflecting


Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Our decorative walls and ceiling solutions can turn your bathroom into a dreamy oasis or private spa.


Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Soundproofing a bedroom can offer a better nights rest by blocking out street traffic noise or loud teenagers. It can also offer privacy. Our decorative walls and ceiling solutions can turn your bedroom into the perfect place to come home to relax.

Dining Rooms

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative walls and ceilings can create a unique look in your dining room. Use family photos or art work to design a wall or ceiling.

Entertainment Game Rooms

Entertainment Game Rooms

Game Rooms Indoor Basketball Courts

Basement Club Rooms

We provide professional sound and acoustic solutions for family entertainment room. Choose from a large selection of decorative walls and ceiling coverings to transform your entertainment room into a room you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

Family Rooms / Great Rooms

Living Room Decorative Ceilings

Living Room / Family Room Backlit Wall Prints

Living Room Wall Art Prints

Add elegance to family rooms, living rooms, and great rooms with decorative artwork on the ceilings and backlit wall prints.

Finished Basements

Finished Basements Club Rooms

Sound Proofing - Home Gyms and Fitness Rooms for your Luxury Home

Finished Basement Ceilings Sound Control

Soundproofing for your finished basement is great for home gyms, fitness rooms, club rooms and more.

Foyers / Entrance Rooms

Decorative Stairway Wall Coverings

Decorative Ceilings with Accent Lighting for Entrance Ways

Add Artwork and Accent Lighting to Foyers or Entrance Ways

Create stunning entrance ways and foyers by adding dramatic ceilings, accent lighting, artwork to the walls and ceilings, and sound control panels.


Garage Band - Soundproofing / Noise Control

Garage Workshop Sound Control Noises

Garage Motorcycle and Auto Repairs Sound Proofing

From loud garage bands, to workshop noises, to motorcycle / auto repairs, we can sound proof your garage to control noises from entering your home.


Decorative Kitchen Wall Prints

Decorative Kitchen Ceilings

ArtWork for Kitchen Ceilings

Adding artwork to your ceilings or walls can brighten any kitchen.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating / Air Conditioning Noise Control Barriers

Furnace Heating / Air Conditioning Interior Unit Noise Control Barriers

Outdoor Heating / Air Conditioning Exterior Noise Reduction

Heating / Air Conditioning, Basement Furnaces, Outdoor Compressors can make a lot of noise. We can help provide noise control barriers, insulation, and padding for a significant reduction to the sounds coming from your HVAC systems.

Home Office, Den, Library, Study

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Decorative Bathroom Wall Prints

Add artwork to the ceilings or walls and create the perfect look for your den, home office, study, or library.

Home Theater Rooms

Home Theater Room Luxury Home

Home Theater Room Modern

Home Theater Room Attic Upper Level

Complete your home theater by adding a variety of decorating or soundproofing options.

Music Room / Recording Studio

Residential Sound Proofing Music Rooms

Teenage Drum Practice Soundproofing

Home Recording Studio Noise Control and Sound Proofing

You want to encourage your child to pursue their musical talents but you need a quiet place to relax and think. We can help by soundproofing your home music room or home recording studio.

Pools & Pool Equipment

Decorative Ceiling and Wall Prints for Indoor Pools

Add Artwork to the Wall and Ceilings surrounding your Indoor Pool

Sound Control Enclosures for your Outdoor Pool Pump

Controlling the noises coming from your pool equipment can be challenging. We can help by providing a variety of sound barriers and other noise control solutions. For an added touch, bring the outdoors to your indoor pool by adding amazing artwork to the walls or ceilings.

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