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Sound Clouds & Baffles for Noise Control
Noise Control for Commercial Businesses, Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Institutional, and Religious Applications

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See "Our Work" for more examples of sound cloud and baffle solutions.

We offer a complete line of sound cloud and baffle products to solve your noise control problems. Sound clouds aren't only effective in reducing noise levels, they can also add character to the environment.

Our professional design and installation team incorporates the latest materials and technologies available to resolve your noise issues.

Baffles and clouds are acoustic panels hung from ceilings either vertically as baffles or horizontally as clouds.

Sound clouds and baffles enhance all type of enviroments. They are the perfect solution for offices, large lobbies, auditoriums, industrial spaces, restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, gyms, museums, movie theatres, religious institutions, classrooms, schools, cafes, bakeries, colleges, universities, airports, hospitals, medical centers, and more.

Ceiling Clouds for Auditoriums

Ceiling Clouds for Auditoriums

Industial Ceiling Baffles

Industrial Ceiling Baffles

Corporate Baffle Solutions

Baffle Corporate Offices

Baffle Acoustic Ceilings Airports, Museums, Lobbies, Malls, Shopping Malls, Gyms, and More

Baffle Ceiling

Cloud Ceiling System in Educational Environments

Cloud Systems

Suspended Ceiling Clouds for Sound Control

Suspended Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds Acoutic Panels

Cloud Ceilings

Ceiling Clouds Color Coordinated

Ceiling Clouds Color Coordinated

Decorative Ceiling Clouds

Decorative Ceiling Clouds

Sound Clouds and Baffles for Public Spaces ~ Environments with High Ceilings ~ Large, Open Space Sound Control

Sound clouds and baffles make the environment more enjoyable for visitors, customers, and employees.