Frasch Timber Suspended Acoustic System

Snap Wall offers a varity of creative solutions to your noise control problems. Our suspended acoustic systems our designed to meet your specific requirements. Frasch Timbers are sure to create a modern expression of creative freedom in acoustic ceiling design. Whether it be a single unit suspended over a workstation or a cluster of units suspended in an almost unlimited array of patterns, levels and angles. Mix and match colors and sizes for a unique design.     

Timber can be used to define individual spaces as clusters or arranged to encompass entire ceiling footprints in almost any desired pattern or orientation that creativity can allow offering an extraordinary degree of uniqueness to every installation.

Timber can be fitted with high-performing LED fixtures. Timberss are attractive and fun! Give us a call today to find out how we solve your noise problems.

Lobby Reception Sound Control using Frasch Timber

Reception Sound Control Green Timbers

Frasch Green Ceiling Timbers

Office Suspended Acoustic Timbers

Frasch Ceiling Timbers in Brown Taupe

Lobby Sound Control Brown Timbers

Suspended Acoustic Frasch Timbers Green Blue Yellow

Yellow, Green, Blue, Taupe Timbers

Frasch Blue Timbers for Sound Control

Blue Frasch Ceiling Timbers

Frasch Brown Taupe Timbers

Taupe Frasch Timbers

Close Up of Yellow Blue Green Timbers

Yellow, Green, Blue Frasch Timbers

Closeup Frasch Blue Timbers

Blue Frasch Timbers

Frasch Timber Red

Red Frasch Timbers

Suspended Acoustic System ~ Frasch Timber


Product Specifications 

Composition | 12mm 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) 

Recycled Content | 55% post-consumer recycled content 

Recyclability | 100% Recyclable 

Medium | 40.16in x 16.06in (d) 

Large | 80.71in x 16.06in (d)

Frasch Timber Suspended Acoustic System 80 inch timbers
Frasch Timber Suspended Acoustic System 40 inch timbers.

Available Colors
Frasch Timber Available Colors

Future Heathered Colors
Frasch Timber Future Heathered Colors


Sound and Fire Ratings

Sound Absorption | ASTM C423-17: NRC = 0.75 (Material)
Fire Rating | ASTM E-84 Class A or B


VOC Emission

 VOC Concentration | Low VOC Product Environmental Product